I'm selling tickets.

How to Create an Event?

Please log-in or sign-up to your TicketGrind account. Now you can use your Google/Facebook log-ins to create new account.
This is the first part. Here you will enter event details like,
+ Event name
+ Venue infos
+ Event start time/date
+ Flyer
+ Audio
+ Event details
+ Policies.

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This is the most important part of the process. Please enter the values correctly and double check.
+ Choose ticket type, free/paid.
+ Give ticket a name (G.A / VIP / Floor etc...)
+ Enter the Quantity of ticket you want to sell.
+ Enter the ticket price.
+ Select ticket sales start and end time.
+ How to Create RSVP?-> watch the video on how to create RSVP

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+ You can make your event public or private.
+ Select event type.
+ Select event topic.
+ Customize URL

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You can choose design of your ticketpage from list of the templates.
+ Choose from tempaltes
+ Change title color
+ Change background color

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You are just a click away from making your event live.
+ Click "Make Event live" button to make your event live.
+ Click "Save" button if you want to save it as a draft and publish it later.