I'm selling ticket

Day of the show.

Here it is. The day u have been waiting for. We are here to help you make your event day run as smoothly as possible. We have made check list of things for the event day.

Make sure you have ended your online ticket sales few hours before the show. People can pay at the door if they haven't bought the tickets already online.

This is the most important part, please make sure to print list to all the people who bought the tickets online and will show up at the door with printed tickets from their email or pull up ticket on their phone.

Steps to print name list of attendees who already bought the tickets online and received it on their email.
+ Goto "My events"
+ Find your event if you have more than one event live
+ Click on "manage" button next your event name.
+ Click on "download purchase report" or "download ticket report"

TicketGrind app helps to speed up check-in Process at the door. You can scan printed e-tickets or phone with our app for check-in. It helps to prevent duplicate ticket use.
+ Download the "TicketGrind" app from app store for free.
+ Log-in to your account.
+ Select the event.
+ Click the green "check-in" button at the buttom.
+ click on top right "QR CODE" icon.
+ Start scanning and keep up with progress bar to see how many you have checked in so far.

*** Currently this APP is only available for Andriod devices. I-phone app coming soon.
**** Please don't forget to print name list of people who bought the tickets online as a back-up if u intend to use just the app for check-in.