I'm selling ticket

How much does it cost?

1. Free to open account, create events and sell tickets.
2. TicketGrind never charges event organizer to sell tickets, unless they want to absorb the transaction fee.
3. By default, service fee charged by TicketGrind will be added to ticket buyers final price, but there will be an option for event  organizer to absorb that fee. Please select as you desire. If you select absorb, 3% of ticket price + $2.00 / per-ticket will be deducted  from each ticket sale when you withdraw your money which will take care of processing & tranaction fees.
4. 99% of event organizers pass the service fee to the ticket buyer.
5. eg: If your ticket price is $20.00/tix , you will receive $20.00/tix, all the fees will be passed to the ticket buyer.