About Us

About us:

TicketGrind is a self-do online platform which is extremely user friendly and easy to use for any level of computer users.  Our Technology will allow anyone to create , manage, market, share any type of event they desire whether it's Music concerts, Technology gathering, sporting events, free events and more. It is a E-Ticketing solution for event organizers to create and sell tickets of their events digitally without having to hire third party.

At TicketGrind, our main focus is to help local, Independent and underground promoters sell their tickets online for their events. But our service just doesn't stop at that, we at TicketGrind have been in promoting business for years and years, so we understand the needs of Independent promoters and understand the ways to help them organize successful event. 

Don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] for quick response.

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