Terms of Service

TicketGrind Terms and conditions.

Welcome to TicketGrind. TicketGrind is an E-Ticketing platform to sell tickets digitally for your upcoming events. Our goal is to provide e-platform for like-minded people to come together for social events. 

In this page we want users of our platform, both buyers and sellers, to understand the terms and conditions that come with using our service at TicketGrind. 

Country of operation:

Currently, our service is only provided in U.S.A only.  In the near future we are looking into making the platform international. But if you are looking to run a free / online event in a country other than USA, you can do so, as long as it is free. You can still run a fee based Event in any country as long as payment method is in US dollars, in this case PayPal will be the only method used for any kind of withdrawal request. 

Payment methods: 

TicketGrind accepts all kinds of major payment methods.  VISA, MasterCard, A.E, Discovery, PayPal. Ticket buyer will have an option to buy their tickets either using PayPal service or standard credit/debit payment methods.

Service and Agent:

TicketGrind doesn’t own or create events that are listed on the website. We act as a middle man between ticket buyers and ticket seller. We only provide service which allows event organizers, venues, promoters to create events of their liking; we facilitate the payment processing that occurs during the transactions. It is sole responsibility of event organizer to be complied with their fire marshal/city/state with all the event organizing rules and regulations. 


It is free to register, create events and make your events live in our TicketGrind platform. TicketGrind only charges transaction and handling fees only when tickets are sold. There is always an option to pass the transaction fees to the ticket buyer. There is another option too, where ticket seller can absorb the fees. 


Since TicketGrind does not create it’s own events, we ask all the ticket buyers to directly contact their event organizer for any changes or refunds they seek. By creating and posting events at TicketGrind, Organizers agree to post and maintain refund policy on each event page to make it easier for their potential ticket buyers. In the situation where event organizer has not responded back within 2 days of requested refund to ticket buyer, both parties can contact TicketGrind to come to the solution. We will do our best to help both parties to come the solution, but TicketGrind will not be liable for failure of organizer to refund the money to their clients. In such case we ask ticket buyer to deal directly with event organizers.

If event organizers/ticket seller sells any tickets and does not honor the ticket for what it was for, buyers has the right to ask for a refund with event organizers and ticketgrind.com will hold the payments for that particular tickets until all the ticket buyers are satisfied with their request.

Pricing and Availability:

We at TicketGrind do not sell ticket for our own events. All the Pricing for tickets and how many are being sold is not under our control. Please directly contact event organizer if you have any questions about this topic.

E-Mail Tools:

TicketGrind provides you with power to create e-mail campaign without having to leave TicketGrind. You can import your email list and mass email about particular event thru your account.  By using this service provided by TicketGrind, you agree to email information only about that particular event to your ticket buyers. Promotion of any other events or merchandise is prohibited thru this email service. 


If you bought a Ticket, your confirmation email and attachment will be emailed to the email address you provided while buying your ticket(s). Sometimes, instead of your inbox it might be in your spam/junk folder. Please double check before contacting your event organizer. Sometimes, we all make mistakes and type in wrong email address, please do not panic, we are here to help you if that happens. Email us at [email protected] if that happens.

Canceled Events:

Sometimes life happens and events get cancelled due to lots of reason. In that case, TicketGrind will work with event organizers to make sure Ticket buyers will get their refund or make any other arrangements that has been posted on event policy page for that particular event. But, please keep in mind that TicketGrind is only an agent between organizer and buyer, it’s not our responsibility to refund money on the behalf of organizer.  If organizer already withdrew money from their ticket sales and do not want to refund money for cancelled event, It’s up to buyer to take necessary actions to obtain their money back. 

Limitation of Liability:

Buying a Ticket from TicketGrind platform, you agree that you will be liable for your own personal safety; TicketGrind will not be liable for any injury or death that occurs before/during/after the event.